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C4 Lompoc is a grassroots coalition that is committed to raising awareness surrounding marginalized populations, challenging inequities, and creating collective efforts for systemic change.

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C4 strives to be a resource for Lompoc organizations and individuals to come together to create and sustain a community free of violence, that respects the value of all its members regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, political beliefs, or economic status.

We will always seek peaceful solutions to long-term change that promotes a motto of respect, love, kindness, second chances, and faith in the people of Lompoc, Vandenberg Village, Missions Hills, and the Vandenberg Space Force Base. Intentionally opposing injustices that promote racism, discrimination, oppression, hatred, violence, crime, and community division.


Where It All Began...

There was a time when Lompoc residents could boast about the city's low crime rates. Crime rates have risen to meet or exceed national averages over the last decade. There were seven homicides in 2018. According to, that number increased by 35% the following year. Marlon Brumfield was one of the victims of gun and gang violence. Those who knew him well saw him as a future legend. His absence left a void in our community, as it had in so many others that experienced this same violence. Yasmin Dawson-Salim was able to gather what appeared to be the entirety of Lompoc for a vigil in his honor, sealing his legendary fate, thanks to quick organization and community partnerships.

All those in attendance, as well as those who waited on Ocean Avenue as traffic was disrupted by the large crowd, witnessed and felt the outpouring of love. This act of solidarity struck a powerful chord with Ms. Yasmin, and it became the catalyst for many great acts of kindness and community engagement to follow. Ms. Yasmin collaborated with Cozetta Blow to plan this successful vigil, spending many days and nights on the phone. Both were dedicated to keeping the fire going. Although she and Ms. Yasmin came up with the name C4, Ms. Yasmin was unknowingly sowing the seeds of what would bring Collective Cultures Creating Change, or C4 Lompoc, to life by collaborating with community leaders, the mayor, and interfaith clergy members. Ms. Yasmin continued to share her vision and plans for forming a group that promotes nonviolence, community education, and collaboration for our city's common good. She knew that with key players in the community and anyone interested in change, this vision could not fail.

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